Hatha Basics

This class is great for those who are new to yoga. A gentle approach to the yoga postures that focuses on proper alignment, breath connection body awareness. The basic yoga postures are combined with regulated breath and performed in a systematic and accessible manner. This class will help reduce stress, increase energy, flexibility, and strengthen the muscles. It also improve lung volume capacity which leads to better breathing and stamina. Wall props are utilized in this class.

Hatha with wall support

This is an all level class. Healing sounds (crystal bowls, gong and other natural instruments) and wall support are utilized in this class. This class is slow pace focusing on awakening the senses, connecting the body with the mind through breath work and healing vibration. The students will come out of this class refreshed, relaxed and mentally rejuvenated. A great class to help you finished the week mentally strong!

Power Flow

This fast paced flow movement of postures and breath is vigorous and powerful, improving strength, muscle tone, and endurance. Class will end with cooling postures to quiet the nervous system, leaving the body and mind refreshed.

Stretch, Strengthen, And Balance with wall support

This class is appropriate for all levels and abilities. Focus will be placed on postures that increase flexibility, help to develop strength, and encourage better balance. Proper alignment will be emphasized and props will be utilized to allow students to deepen their practice and realize the full benefit of each pose. Students will be encouraged to practice acceptance, enhance their awareness, fine tune their focus and work towards improving their overall sense of wellness through a continued practice. This class utilized wall props such as straps, pelvic swing, wall bar, wall hook, blocks, blankets.

Yin with wall support

Yin Yoga focuses on the slow, patient, opening of the fascial layer of the body. The fascia is the connective tissue (shrink wrap) that underlies the skin, wraps the muscles, holds the bones together and is the conduit for the meridians through which energy flows. Over time chronic tightness of this layer causes stiffness and inflexibility restricting mobility and energy flow. Fascia responds differently than muscle and requires this slow approach to facilitate opening. This is a deeply meditative practice. No prior yoga experience required. Wall props are utilized in this class.

Yoga Basics with wall support

This class is suitable for all levels. The class focuses on basic body alignment by utilizing wall support. Wall props such as straps, pelvic swing, wall bar, blocks, blankets are used for safe practice to assist the body to fully achieve each position comfortably. Basic yoga breathwork, guided centering and meditation to help prepare the body and the mind to awaken all the senses.

Yoga with Kris

(Groupon is not applicable for this class)

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